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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Subject: Firefighters are heroes to pups at Big Canoe

I’ve often passed the beautiful new Big Canoe Firehouse and Emergency Centers without giving a thought to the personnel who keep our Community safe.  That all changed with the electrical storm that lit up the night sky in North Georgia during the early morning hours of July 13th. A lightning strike took out our irrigation and pond system and triggered a fire that started below ground in the irrigation box. Soon the fire was crawling under the pine straw and lighting up the shrubs, flowering plants and trees in our yard.  Three Big Canoe Fire and Rescue personnel—Lieutenant Mario Tilelli, Firefighter Isaac Holaway, and Firefighter Josh Young—arrived on the scene and began putting out the flames within minutes of a frantic call to 911 at 3 a.m. They checked out the home assuring us it was safe to return inside. Their immediate response meant so much, especially since our two beloved Bernese Mountain dogs were home with a good friend while we were out of town—I could only listen in on the phone while these men went into action. We are very fortunate to have these three dedicated professionals and those that support them in our Community. I encourage you to stop in and get to know these hometown heroes before you ever need to call on them. I learned the hard way that lightening is one of the most erratic and unpredictable characteristics of a thunderstorm as it can strike many miles from the storm. Please do not wait for the rain before seeking shelter in a storm and do not mess with mother nature. Katie and Yukon have decided that a fireman can be a dog’s best friend in an emergency as well as on a friendly visit to the station house to give a warm tail-wagging thank you for their bravery.

Sandie Tate


Dear Editor:

On August 4, a post on the Pickens County Georgia Republican Party  Facebook featured a message that reads “We hated Obama like you hate Trump.  Except we hated Obama because he hates America.  You hate Trump because you hate America.”

Shame on the Pickens County Republican Party for peddling such an ignorant, hateful, inflammatory and divisive message. Shame on the 90+ members of the group who Liked or Loved this message.   And shame on the 1,080 Followers of this page for their total silence.

Republicans in Pickens County may feel secure in their majority in our community.  But you need to understand that demographics and northbound urban migration trends are not in your favor long term.

It is in everybody’s interest to have a functioning 2-party system.  In a respectful, civilized society we need dialog and compromise, not demonizing those who disagree with us; we need to move beyond the “I’m right, you’re evil” mentality.  I urge the Pickens County Georgia Republican Party to step up and take a leadership role.


Adriana Gutiérrez


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