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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Just some thoughts.

So I recently took a trip to a country south of here and found a lot of things standing out that could give folks in Pickens County USA something to think about and consider. 

During the trip I was talking for a couple hours to a local business person about life in general and at one point about their business and the local economy. During that conversation it was noted the owner lived in the same small town they had grown up in. It was easy going and only in recent years facing the blossoming of development. The idea of wanting things to stay uncrowded, laid back and like it always had been was noted with sincerity. After more conversation the business person suddenly offered that while growth and development wasn’t the first choice there was recognition that their business was growing and possible because of the growth. His family was benefiting in all sorts of ways such as improved schools, actual real jobs that weren’t there a few years ago and in general a better life now being available. 

So as the debate in Pickens County continues, look around for whats happening beyond our immediate horizon, as there may be something to learn.   

Mark Scheller


Dear Editor:

I was born in Taiwan in 1956. Currently, I’m working for a restaurant in Jasper.

In August, 2017 I wrote a letter to The White House. My appeal is that Uncle Sam redefines the Vietnam War: The Glorious War for Peace in Asia. (Not Glorious Retreat or Vietnam War Lessons).

My sincere wish is that Vietnam War veterans are given the title: USA Honor Citizens. Pickens County Progress readers! Join my prayers and endeavors!

For all the democratic countries around the world, Taiwan is: 1. a strategic point

2. an unsinkable aircraft carrier 3. a lighthouse for all democracy seekers (freedom) 4. a blessed country with gospel light.

Now, approximately a quarter of the entire population are Christ followers, with 6% Catholics and 20% Christians.

The percentage keeps going up and growing bigger, slowly and surely.

After I got my Clemson University M.B.A degree, I went back to Taiwan in 1987. I have accomplished my 30-year teaching career. Now, I’m back to the states.

God bless Jasper and U.S.A


Terry Yang



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