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Updated: substitute charged over gun at school

Updated information from Pickens Sheriff press release 


Substitute Teacher Charged After Bringing A Handgun To School

Pickens County Georgia, May 16, 2018: Earlier today, at approximately 10:00 am, our office was notified of an incident involving a substitute teacher that had a handgun in her purse at Harmony Elementary School. As we were notified, the Substitute had already been relieved from her classroom and sent home by school officials.

During the investigation, it was determined that several students in the First-grade class, that Ms. Julie Gungl was teaching, had observed the pistol and brought it to her attention. She then notified school administration. The handgun was a 9mm Springfield and according to Ms. Gungl, it was unloaded at the time. She stated that she forgot the weapon was in her purse upon entering the school.

After completing the investigation, detectives have charged Ms. Gungl with Possession of a Weapon within a School Safety Zone. Due to the fact that Ms. Gungl had a Georgia Concealed Weapons Permit, this charge is a misdemeanor. Throughout the investigation, Ms. Gungl has remained very cooperative and turned herself into the Pickens Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center.

She has been released after posting bail that was set at $1,000.



substitute teacher with gun

Book in photo from jail



Previous press release

Press Release from Pickens County Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlton Wilson - 

     May 16, 2018  - Today at Harmony Elementary School, a female substitute teacher brought a handgun to school in her purse. The purse was open, and the handgun was observed by several students while in the purse. The handgun was never removed from the purse. The substitute teacher informed the staff at that school of the handgun. She was relieved of her duties and sent home. She is a substitute teacher employed by a contracted service company and will not be allowed back in our school system. The District immediately notified the Pickens County Sheriff, and he is conducting an investigation. The District would once again like to thank the Pickens County Sheriff and his staff for their continued cooperation and support. 



pinto colvig
-11 #1 pinto colvig 2018-05-22 17:57
Tells you how easy it is to get a concealed weapons permit in GA. They let any criminal moron pack heat nowadays. And people wonder why there's so much gun violence in Amerikkka...
help us all
-14 #2 help us all 2018-05-22 21:17
An open purse with a handgun in it for all the kiddies to view? Really? And this woman teaches? And has a firearm license? Boy, what an absolute idiot she is. How does a responsible firearm license holder with a gun not see it when she laid her purse wherever she did at? And why was the purse so exposed for all to see? You know, had she just kept it in her purse, closed, it's still a crime, but multiple kids saw it. Step one: You're fired! Step two: you just lost your right to a firearm license for good! Unbelievable! I'll bet this woman thinks she did nothing wrong either. Home school, people. Look into it. On another note, why schools across this nation refuse to properly protect the students and the responsible, law-abiding teachers is a joke! Even after last week's deaths at that school ( I already forget where as they happen so often), one can just walk right into just about any school in our state, perhaps country, without being stopped, checked, etc. Our government a'int gonna protect y'all's cherubs. Every school superintendent in the USA should have armed officers at every door of a school. They should have metal detectors, drug and bomb sniffing dogs, and anything else they feel necessary to protect people in school. But do you see anything like that happening? No! Somewhere in this great nation as we communicate, perhaps GA, some idiot, spoiled kid is planning their own shooting spree. It's just a matter of time, folks. And there's an open-door policy waiting for them at school. Unbelievable!
Armed teachers
-7 #3 Armed teachers 2018-05-24 17:18
Granted, she should not have had even an Unloaded gun in her purse at school! She should have had it locked up in a safe in her home. However, nobody knows what distracted her enough to forget it was in her purse. At least she is responsible enough to have applied for and received a concealed weapons permit. I doubt very seriously she had any nefarious intentions or she certainly wouldn't have left her purse open for display.

Frankly, I would like to see teachers licensed, trained, thoroughly checked, and armed! I am sure there will be many who disagree, but you have that right!

School shootings are on the rise and I would like to know that the children have a fighting chance with someone who can actually try to protect them as opposed to waiting for police and hope they are not the next one in the line of some psychopath's fire!
J. Beard
-5 #4 J. Beard 2018-05-27 09:33
Everyone knows now that she should not have NOW, but what IF she was in a hurry. running late(like do many women putting on make-up going down hwy).Carring a gun for protection while going down the hwy and forgot! Besides it would have been very usefull if that school would have had an armed SHOOTER that day. I would feel better if ALL teachers were trained, licenced and took a gun to school.
pinto colvig
+7 #5 pinto colvig 2018-05-29 15:46
Quoting J. Beard:
Besides it would have been very usefull if that school would have had an armed SHOOTER that day. I would feel better if ALL teachers were trained, licenced and took a gun to school.

She would have shot her own foot off before shooting any bad guys, genius.

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