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Jasper council sued by Shouse

Council member Sonny Proctor sued individually for defamation

city of jasper seal color

        The city of Jasper and all five council members have been sued by a landowner who said they violated his constitutional right of due process, effectively condemned his property, and violated their public duty when they did not make a motion to either approve or deny his request for annexation and rezoning.  

The property in question is owned by Manitoulin, LLC, whose principal is David Shouse, a Pickens County commission chair candidate for 2020 and the general contractor/landlord for the VA clinic slated to open later this year on East Church Street. Shouse requested a 2.73-acre parcel behind QuikTrip on Highway 515 be annexed into the city limits and zoned commercial, which Jasper’s city manager called a “transitional zoning” from its current county zoning of Neighborhood Commercial. 

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Coin Show in Jasper July 13


Photo/ Pickens County Coin Club 

George Wynn, a member of the Pickens County Coin Club, talks to attendees at a previous show about his coin collection. This year's show on July 13 is the 11th event of its type featuring coin collectors, hobbyists and dealers.


Submitted by Pickens 

Coin Club


The Pickens County Coin Club will host its 11th coin show Saturday, July 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Amicalola Electric Membership Corporation Community Center (544 Georgia-515, Jasper). The event and parking are free and all ages are welcome and encouraged to come and learn about coin collecting.

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Poison ivy prevention & treatment tips


poison ivyBy Mary Migliaro 

Parent Mentor

Families spend a great deal of time outdoors during the summer months. Along with protection from sunburn, you should be aware of how to prevent exposure to poison ivy or other poisonous leaves.

When it comes to prevention strategies, spend some time with your children showing them how to recognize the poisonous leaves. Your local library or the Internet will have pictures and descriptions of the various types of poisonous leaves such as poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak. Excellent YouTube videos can also be found online. "Leaves of three, leave it be" holds true for poison ivy and oak. Poison sumac has 7-13 leaflets arranged in three pairs, with a single leaf at the tip.

All three plants, (poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac), are commonly found in most regions of the United States, in all seasons. They are not restricted to wooded areas; they can be found anywhere there is brush or under-growth, even your backyard. The danger is in the oils that are on and in their leaves and stems. 

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Fireworks: The thing behind the bang


500 pounds of fireworks in 700 shells light up the town




Matt Owings is loading two of the 700 shells to be used in the spectacular aerial display.


By Max Caylor

Contributing writer

It is 10:05 p.m. on the night of July 4th and Chad Sweat, the crew leader of Pyro Shows said, “I am about to go boom.” 

He was preparing to fire 500 pounds of fireworks across the dark evening skies of Jasper to conclude the Independence Day celebration coordinated by the Lion’s Club of Jasper. 

The 700 shells had been loaded in their mortar racks and were ready to be shot from the Lawson pasture just west of the old PHS football field and across from Newton Park.  

Sweat used a wood framed firing board to manually ignite each rack of fireworks by flipping a toggle switch.

People gathered in bank, church, cemetery, and school parking lots and on the side of any road where  they could view the dazzling pyro display. The impressive 15 minute  aerial display was sponsored by Entegra Bank and Goss Equipment at a cost of $10,000.  

The three-man crew from Pyro Shows from Lafollette, TN needed most the day to setup for the evening show. The company has almost 50 years experience and puts on about 1,000 shows each year with over 400 being around July 4th. Other Pyro affiliates are located in Alabama and Texas.

“We offer pyro technician training leading to licensing and becoming a professional Pyro,” said James Woods the southeastern sales manager for the company. Pyro Shows has produced the Jasper fireworks for the past six years.  For more information about the company or training visit .    


Coca-Cola mural gets facelift

coke sign painting

Angela Reinhardt/photo

Muralist John Christian at work on the prominent Coca-Cola mural in downtown Jasper. 


Mid-afternoon Saturday, June 29, motorists in downtown Jasper may have noticed the Coca-Cola mural at the prominent Main Street/Highway 53 intersection was getting a much-needed revamp, which includes the addition of the iconic Sprite Boy and a classic Coke bottle. 

Professional muralist John Christian, owner of John W. Christian Studios, was commissioned for the job by the Coke company, which he said has taken a more active role in freshening up their murals that appear on the sides of buildings across the nation. Christian has done several Coke murals recently, and estimated that the original mural on

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